Brief Introduction

Classy Urban Ventures is a duly registered business venture, registered with the Registrar General’s Department, as a Dealer in General Goods since June 2019.
The main focus of Classy Urban however is the retailing of Exclusive Fashion, Accessories, and Exclusive Perfumes. Classy Urban’s vision is driven by the desire to help fulfill the personal desire of its clients and potential clients to look, and feel good about themselves, at a point where price meets the overall value in a balance.
Classy Urban deals in authentic brands, sourced from authentic sources and authentic approved dealerships. Classy Urban recognizes that the market today is saturated with cheap imitation knock-off’s, mad to look like the real thing, but not giving the authentic feel, or value for money expected from exclusive clothing. Classy Urban’s business module is built on Trust, where clients can trust, and guarantee that all things purchased are of the greatest quality, true to their brands and brand identity. Classy Urban seeks to partner up with exclusive brands and their dealerships, to facilitate its supply and sales of authentic brands on real value for money terms, and it is on this basis that we at Classy Urban wish to do business with you.

What We Do? Classy Urban deals in authentic products categorized in;